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Innovative design and strategic insight propel union campaigns into the future.
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Union Digital, the only unionized ad agency with full in-house production, specializes in impactful union campaigns and member engagement. Our services, from professional print to custom digital solutions, deliver powerful, clear messages.
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Crafting campaigns, ensuring quality, driving innovation, enhancing impact.
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Strategic Campaign Management
We possess specialized expertise in developing and executing campaigns tailored specifically for union organizations. This encompasses a focused approach in member engagement, bargaining support, and driving organizing efforts. Our collective experience enables us to adeptly meet the unique needs and challenges faced by union organizations.
Full-Scale Production & Printing Services
We highlight our in-house production capabilities, which include professional printing and mailing (certified by Canada Post), along with large-format digital printing, document finishing, and promotional product decorating.
Custom Interactive Digital Solutions
We showcase our technology department's ability to create innovative digital products, enhancing campaign engagement and effectiveness through the use of interactive and cutting-edge digital tools. Our expertise lies in developing solutions that make campaigns more dynamic and impactful.
Integrated Communications and Branding
We focus on our ability to offer comprehensive communication strategies, encompassing not just campaign management but also branding and community activations. Our strategies are tailored to resonate with and mobilize union members and supporters, ensuring each campaign effectively reaches its intended audience.

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Our strategic campaigns resonate with union values, creating impactful and memorable narratives.
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